Care & Wear

Please be kind to your jewelry. Remove it before activities such as bathing, doing dishes, gardening, working with harsh chemicals, and exercising.

Also put your jewelry on after applying makeup, perfumes, and lotions as these can damage your pieces.

On our oxidized silver jewelry pieces the patina may gradually wear off over time. This is completely natural and we will be happy to re-oxidize your pieces free of charge if you ship them to us. Please contact us and we will provide shipping instructions.

Our Wishing Well pieces utilize a unique setting that mimics the movement of water. In order to insure that the effect lasts a lifetime, please do not submerge your Wishing Well ring in liquid.

Opals are sensitive to moisture and can absorb chemicals and oils. Please make sure to keep opal jewelry away from soaps, creams, perfumes, lotions, excessive moisture.

Gems can scratch and break if worn improperly and dropped. This even includes diamonds. Please take care when wearing your precious pieces to avoid impacts.


We want you to shop with confidence and be delighted with our jewelry. So, we'll cover all repairs that result from defects in craftsmanship. Shipping is on us!

Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving your order if you notice any problems.

For all other damage, please contact us for a repair quote.

Yes. However, if another jeweler or shop works on your pieces, we will no longer be able to offer resizing or repairs.